Quick Kill Whole Wheat Bait 10kg

• Quick Kill Whole Wheat Bait is a Single feed ready-to-use grain bait

• The Active Ingredient is Brodifacoum @ 29ppm (0.0029% w/w)

• The grain bait has been developed on whole wheat enriched with luring components. The processing of the cereal combined with Special Absorption Technology allows the complete distribution of the active ingredient and luring components, thus producing a long-lasting and highly palatable bait.

• Pack Size: 10kg Bucket

• Registered Authorised Product IE/BPA No: 70737-008



Weight 10 kg

Please Note:

When purchasing this product, you will be required to provide a valid herd, flock or PU number due to regulations.

The DAFM requires Professional Users such as farmers using professional AVK products for the control of rodent infestations in the course of their work in and around buildings to provide proof of their professional activity at the point of sale. This proof will be a DAFM number for farmers e.g. herd number, flock number, HFR/HPR number.


Weight 10 kg


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