AGRIget Rat Bait Station

  • Multi-purpose bait station for the safe housing of your poison.
  • They are designed to accommodate loose or block bait.
    • The two bait reservoirs each comfortably hold 100g of loose bait such as grain or pellets.
    • Block and pasta bait can be added to the horizontal bar.
  • The bait station is hinged on the right-hand side to allow for full opening while the bait station is in place.
  • The bait station was designed with rat behaviour in mind.
    • Its design exploits the natural rodent behaviour to run through pipes.
    • Textured ‘non-slip’ floor which gives it a more natural feel.
  • There is a small lip to prevent water entry and drainage holes in the floor for when the weather conditions get particularly adverse.
  • The station is secure with a key supplied with each one.
  • The bait station is also environmentally friendly being made from recycled plastics.



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